Jane was part of the Slangkop troop, and just before giving birth to her babies she would hide in Scarborough or Kommetjie, staying there under the radar to keep her babies safe from dispersing males. She would proudly present her new infants to her favourite locals.

Residents grew to love this mama, and she would spend hours at the window of the local hairdresser watching the fascinating action inside, and on more than one occasion calmly joining the ladies inside.

Many people grew to love gentle Jane, and some of their stories are priceless.

Tim, a visitor from the UK, was enjoying a snooze in a hammock in Scarborough when Jane and her baby arrived. Jane obviously agreed that it was a good time for a nap, and promptly fell asleep under the hammock while baby played happily with Tim before falling asleep on his chest! An experience he will never forget I’m sure.

Gary van Rooyen, long-time Kommetjie resident and successful professional athlete, relates another sweet Jane story:

“Isn’t it amazing that sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time? It was one of those magnificent Kommetjie evenings, and I was off on my sunset run over Slangkop. Just as I rounded the first corner I saw Janey coming up over the edge. She was all alone, but hardly skittish of me running by. I slowed down to a walk. The wind had abated, the sun was setting and the ocean was in all its splendour. I was feeling like company and someone to talk to.

What transpired next is truly an experience that I will forever cherish. Janey took one look at me (probably liked my shorts!) and promptly fell into rhythm with my walk. I introduced myself, mentioned that I had been surfing and jogging in the area for 30-odd years and that she and her family had occasionally caused a bit of havoc in my home on the mountainside. She kept glancing at me with interest and was absolutely intrigued with my company and conversation. We were so close we could have held hands.

Other than stopping to prise a banana peel off the tarmac, Janey kept with me all the way to the top. We eventually parted company at the crest after a memorable 10 minute interlude that still brings a smile to my face.”

More peaceful times.

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