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Beautiful Baboon Encounters

Beautiful Baboon Encounters

The baboon that worked for the railroad

During the latter part of the 1800s, travellers to Cape Town, along the Port Elizabeth mainline railroad, frequently saw a curious sight as they entered the Uitenhage train station. The signalman operating the levers that set the signals in the control tower was a...


Eric, once alpha male of the Slangkop troop, will always have a very special place in the hearts of many Kommetjie residents. Probably the most famous story about Eric, which became the subject of a delightful children’s book called Eric in “It’s a Piece of Cake”,...

Sweet Jane

Jane was part of the Slangkop troop, and just before giving birth to her babies she would hide in Scarborough or Kommetjie, staying there under the radar to keep her babies safe from dispersing males. She would proudly present her new infants to her favourite locals....

William the Conqueror

As told by Jenni Trethowan William of Scarborough was one of my all-time favorite males. He was a huge, gorgeous boy who had a very special bond with his little sister, Angelina. Originally from the Da Gama troop, when William reached adulthood he left his natal troop...

John Wayne’s 15 minutes of fame

John Wayne gained international recognition when he led the authorities and Jenni on a merry chase across the peninsula, which culminated in him atop a container ship in Table Bay Harbour on New Year’s Day 2008. Jenni’s first attempt to catch him was at the Royal Cape...

Noskethi’s Story

This story, by Peggy Rhynes, is featured in our book, Beast or Blessing.  For three years I used to watch the baboons of George’s troop visiting our garden at the campsite in Glencairn, and one baboon, Noskethi, caught my attention.  He used to come and...


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