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Aug 2016: Naturcast: A Simple solution

June 2016: SABC interview with Jenni Trethowan and Tinka Shapiro

June 2016: Naturcast: Introduction to Baboon Matters

April 2016: National Geographic: Is this the end for South Africa’s famed urban baboons?

Feb 2016: Cape Talk. John Maytham interviews Jenni Trethowan about the crisis in the Misty Cliffs troop.

Feb 2016: News24: Police Search for Baboon Killer

Jan 2016: Timeslive: “I am living in a war zone!”

Jan 2016. SABC News. The Hunt is on for gunman believed to be targetting baboons.

Oct 2015: Cape Talk: Save the Cape Peninsula Baboons

Oct 2015: Cape Times: Artists step out in support of Baboons

Aug 2015: Africa Geographic. Mortality of baboons during Cape Wildfires


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