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For more than 25 years Baboon Matters has been at the forefront of baboon conservation  – in the face of ever-increasing urbanization and intensive agriculture, and the resulting escalation in baboon/human conflict.

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“Baboons could not, surely, have a more passionate advocate. Baboon Matters is doing so much to help both baboons and people.”

 – Jane Goodall

Throughout South Africa baboons are in crisis.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that their numbers are declining – the result of their low conservation status, and a society which sees them as problematic and expendable.  Many thousands are killed around the country each year under cruel and inhumane conditions.

Will you help us create awareness for their plight and put your  #HandsUp4baboons?

handsupforbaboons campaign

In a funding environment where baboons are not considered a conservation priority, Baboon Matters relies purely on the support of the public to carry out its work.


In a funding environment where baboons are not considered a conservation priority,

Baboon Matters relies purely on the support of the public to carry out its work.



We cannot continue advocating for the ethical treatment of baboons around the country without financial support.

Your once-off or monthly contribution, or bequest in your will, can aid our fight for a future for baboons in South Africa.

Please consider supporting us.

Add Baboon Matters Trust as a Charity Beneficiary on your existing MySchool card, or join the program. Because every swipe counts and every cent helps!


Baboon Defenders are a commited group of supporters who stand with us as a voice for baboons. All we ask is that you do what you can, when you can.

On occasion we may ask for your help – whatever it is, it will be what is truly needed, right when it’s needed most!


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What to do - there are baboons in my home!

What to do if a baboon enters your home?

Stay calm!  He will not hurt you unless he feels threatened or cornered.

Make sure he has an exit route like an open window or door.

If you have dogs, lock them out of the way.

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What to do - there are baboons in my home!

About Walking Tours

Although a change in policy by the City of Cape Town resulted in our Walking Tours with Baboons being stopped in 2011, we still get regular requests for these tours.  Our Walks were incredibly popular, and many hundreds of people developed a deeper appreciation for baboons as a result, but we are unfortunately not allowed to offer them anymore.

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3 days ago

Baboon Matters

Please watch and share.

Life Changing Videos
Born to be free <3
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3 days ago

Baboon Matters

Hi folks, I am really sad that we have to cancel the Painting for Baboons, Cork and Canvas event - it promised to be great fun and a really worthwhile evening - but too few committed.

Ah man!! was hoping for a great turnout and excellent fund raising....

I really would like to thank CANDICE IZZARD who came up with the idea and put in so much work to try and make it all happen. Thank you Candice, you really did try hard to make it a success and we wish you well with other events!
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7 days ago

I am really disturbed by these images of a South African hunter, posing with a #baboon #vaughnvictor
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2 weeks ago

Baboon Matters
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2 weeks ago

Baboon Matters

I had such an interesting sighting of baboons yesterday afternoon near to Olifantsbos (in the Cape of Good Hope Reserve);it was most probably the Kanonkop troop.
What made the scenario unusual was the fact that there were 4 young juveniles with one of the adult males, a younger adult male and a female carrying a newly born infant. In itself this is not strange, the juvies often keep within close proximity to the adult male - but what was puzzling was that there was no sighting of the juvies' moms anywhere near this little group.

The juvies were getting quite anxious and called and called; we could hear calls from other troop members some way in the distance and then spotted a few young baboons join the small group, but no sign of the errant mother baboons.
The big male was headed off at quite a pace with the juvies anxiously following and then waiting and calling. By the time the rain started again, all the baboons had headed off to a sleep site area(?) whilst the main part of the troop had not joined them, so there were no baboons to be seen anywhere by the time we left.

I am sure that they all caught up with each other in the end, but it was a very cold and rainy afternoon and the young juvies were certainly wanting to suckle and cuddle up with their moms. I watched one youngster have a very short suckle with a female carrying a new infant, but it did not last more than a couple of minutes at most - not long enough to take a pic!!

Unfortunately, I was so taken up with the baboons and trying to see where the moms were, I did not check my camera quality is not the best, but illustrates the scenario.

Please support Baboon Matters by donating at:
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2 weeks ago

Baboon Matters

We have been advertising our Cork and Canvas event - and it seems many of our supporters don't know what this entails. Have a watch of a similar event in Melbourne.

This is going to be such fun.

Book your ticket to one of the FIRST Cape Town Cork and Canvas events and support Baboon Matters.

It is a great fun eveningWhat's a night of 'Painting and Sipping' with Cocktails and Canvas look like? See for yourself!
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Jenni Trethowan
084 413 9482




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